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High Coast Trail, Sweden 2022
The beautiful High Coast trail is one of Sweden’s 12 signature trails. This trail is 128 kilometres long, (74.5 miles)  and offers incredible glimpses of Swedish nature with beautiful white beaches, mountain tops, enchanting forests, steep cliffs and green meadows for you to savour and enjoy. Join Walkabout for this amazing 9-day tour which starts in Stockholm and will take you on an unforgettable journey through the Swedish landscape where you get to observe this multifaceted Scandinavian archipelago at your leisure.

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Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 – Saturday
Itinerary: Fly into Stockholm. Accommodation: Walkabout recommend that you stay at one of the airport hotels as this is where the pick-ups will take place day 2. You will need to find and book your hotel for the first night. Walkabout are happy to help you with suggestions. 
Pick Up
All group members will be collected from a central pick up point which you will need to get to under your own steam. A location and time will be provided. You will also need contact details for Walkabout should you be delayed.

Hornöberget - Lövvik 9,8 km (6 miles)
Itinerary: We leave Stockholm at 7 am. We then have a 4.5-hour drive to our trail start at Hornöberget. The trail starts at the north end of the High Coast bridge. We will be walking along an old road next to the coastline all the way to Svartnoranäset. After 9.8 km we will arrive at our first destination, Lövvik. Here you may buy snacks and supplies or seek refreshment in one of the coffee houses. Accommodation: On our first night we will be wild camping close to Lövviks gästhamn, a small harbour.. Here you will find a service house with a kitchen, which is shared with other hikers and tourists. There are coin dispensers for showers, washing machines and a sauna to ensure you finish the first day’s walking both clean and refreshed. Ascent/Descent Degree of difficulty: Demanding. 5-6 h. 
Day 3 – Monday Lövvik - Gavik 24,6 km (15,3 mi)
Itinerary: Today, we will walk to Hallsviken, which is a renowned beauty spot, where we can stop for a picnic and take a comfort break, where necessary. The trail will then take us up hills and down valleys along what is considered a very beautiful section of the trail. Our stop for the day is in the idyllic village of Gavik.
Accommodation: A second nights camping next to Gavikstorpet B&B. They have spaces for tents and here can be found toilets and shower facilities along with washing machines and a drying room. (£30/2 people + tent)
Degree of difficulty: Demanding. 5-6 h.

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Day 4 – Tuesday Gavik - Ullånger 24,3 km (15 mi)
Itinerary: We start the day by walking into the Nature Reserve at Nordingrås, which is often called “The Heart of the High Coast.” This Nature Reserve offers us a very diverse and exciting  landscape to enjoy. The first stage of today's walk is easy and mostly along a gravel road. In Lappuden it will be possible to get water and something to eat if need be. The second half of the walk is a little more challenging, but we’ll be rewarded with a nice hotel with a great restaurant when we arrive in Ullånger.  Accommodation: Ullånger Hotel & Restaurant. (Around £100/twin room.) Ascent/Descent: Degree of difficulty: Stage 1: Easy. Stage 2: Demanding. (8-9 h.) 
Day 5 – Wednesday Ullånger - Skuleberget 17,3 km (10,7 mi)
Itinerary: Today will be a relatively easy day. The trail follows an old coastal road where both King Karl XI and Carl Von Linné have travelled. Along the way we will stop in the village of Skoved where you can get something to eat, have a coffee, play pool or buy supplies in the grocery shop.  Accommodation: Our third day of camping will be at FrilufsByn campingplats. £21/tent. Here we have bathroom facilities including toilets, showers and laundry. Ascent/Descent: Degree of difficulty: Intermediate. 5-7 h. 
Day 6 – Thursday Skuleberget - Köpmanholmen 23,6 km (14,6 mi)
Itinerary: Today’s walk can be broken into three stages. In the first stage we leave Skuleberget and enter Skuleskogen’s National Park. Here again there are some amazing views out over the sea and the opportunity to use eco-toilets & wind shelters along the way. In Stage 2, we will walk through the National Park which will provide challenges in the form of some steep climbs and descents. The third and final section of this walk, is relatively easy and soon we’ll be in the little village of Köpmanholmen which originally was an industrial village.
Accommodation: A fourth day of camping close to a campfire site, toilet and shower facilities.
Degree of difficulty: Stage 1: Intermediate. Stage 2: Demanding. Stage 3: Easy. (8-10 h.)

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Day 7 – Friday Köpmanholmen - Sandlågan 12,7 km (7,9 mi)
Itinerary: For about 6 kilometres, we’ll be walking on a well-used and easy trail through Balesudden Nature Reserve. The trail goes up over mountain plateaus and down through deep forests. This is a relatively gentle day where we won’t walk that far and you will be able to enjoy a well earned break to just relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Accommodation: Fifth and final night of camping.There are no facilities except for an eco-toilet. Ascent/Descent: Degree of difficulty: Demanding. 5-6 h. 
Day 8 – Saturday Sandlågan - Örnsköldsvik 16,3 km (10,1 mi)
Itinerary: Our final day begins with a gentle stroll along a gravel road to Utby. From here we enter and walk through a very beautiful pine forest. After 11 kilometres we will pass through the village of Svedje where it’s possible to take lunch. Before we reach our final destination Örnsköldsvik we walk through the Nature Reserve of Hörnösjön. This makes for a fitting and memorable conclusion to our epic journey. Accommodation: A second night in comfortable accommodation, the First Hotel Statt. Around £85/2 people. Ascent/Descent: Degree of difficulty: Intermediate. 4-6 h. 
Day 9 – Sunday
Drive back to Stockholm from Örnsköldsvik.
About 6-hour drive.
Start after breakfast.
Back in Stockholm around 3 pm.
Lunch stop on the way back.